Sequoia is the largest giant in the world of trees on our planet. These giants can reach a height of 100–115 meters and a thickness of over 18 meters. This is well known to many.

But there are some interesting facts about it that not everyone has heard.

It is estimated that the total weight of the wood of a single sequoia can exceed 1000 tons, and it would take a train of 60 wagons to transport it.


One enterprising American took advantage of the gigantic size of the tree and set up a restaurant for 50 people inside the trunk of one such sequoia. In the trunk of another fallen tree, he built a garage so that visitors would have a place to park their cars.

In Sequoia National Park in California, there is a car tunnel called the “Tunnel Log,” made through the trunk of a fallen giant that collapsed during a storm.

At a European exhibition, Americans presented two cross-sections of sequoia trunks. On one of them, they placed a grand piano with an orchestra and a dance ensemble of 35 people. On the other, they set up a printing press where a newspaper titled “Giant Tree Herald” was produced.

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